What we Carry

What we Carry

This is NOT an exhaustive list of what we have. This is only a representational selection of what we carry. For inquiries, please contact us directly (see bottom of page).

Large Bible Selection

Study, Devotional, & Reference Bibles
New & Used Bibles of various translations, styles, and sizes. Study God's Word with built-in study resources, aids, & visuals!
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Audio & Visual Bibles
Listen and see the story of Scripture. Engage with it as if you were there. Hear His Word come Alive!
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Outreach & International Bibles
Bibles that allow people to read God's Word in their heart language. Outreach & Recovery Bibles to make Scripture available to everyone!
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Children's & Youth Bibles
Empower God's Children of all ages to study Scripture in a way that they can understand and apply where they are at in life!
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Study Tools & Aids

Bible Highlighters
Tired of highlighters seeping through the pages? Check out our special Bible Highlighters!
Bible Covers
Protect your Bible and carry your notes with you. Various colours and styles available!
Mark your place while being encouraged and edified!
Bible Tabs
Bible Tabs of various styles.

Church Supplies

Communion Supplies
Offering Cards
Anointing Oils
Bulletins & Guest Books

Study Resources

Theological Studies
Engage timeless & timely questions! Engage with theology and how to study the Bible itself. Keep yourself informed and growing!
Commentaries & Bible Studies
Engage and study God's Word, finding understanding verse by verse. Individual and complete sets available!
Archeology & Culture
Understand the world of the Bible with scholarly studies, historical evidence, and timeless truth!
Beyond the Veil
Learn about the current and historical views on End Times, Angels, Demons, Heaven, and Hell.
God's Mighty Works
Learn about, and hear stories of, miracles and salvation. See God's mighty works and rejoice in His Salvation!
Language Tools
Dictionaries, Lexicons, Concordances, and language tools to help you read, study, and understand.

Used Fiction

Enter the adventure! All for incredible prices!

Missing a Book?

Talk to us about ordering. We have a number of USED and NEW suppliers to help find just the right book.
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Colouring Books & Journals

Christian Journals

Record the great things that God has done in your life!

Colouring Books - Adult & Child

Check out our selection of colouring books for all ages. We also carry some coloring supplies.

Children & Youth Books, Gifts, & more!

Note: This is only a representation of what we carry, and what we can order. We may not have all items, especially seasonal items, at the time of contacting us.

Jewelry & Giftware

Card Packs & Singles
Encourage, inspire, and uplift with Christian cards of many kinds!
Bling & Things
Jewelry Sun Catchers to Brighten your day
Necklaces & Jewelry
Wear your faith for all to see--with style!
Decorative Crosses
Gifts to Encourage
Gifts to Inspire
Gifts for all Occassions

Church & Leadership

Leadership Resources
Disciple Making
Preacher's Resources
Resources for the professional counselor and the caring friend.

DVDs & CDs

Movies to Inspire
Videos to Entertain
Videos & CDs to Teach
Movies to equip the family & church to action.
Music Cds of many genres for all ages.

Hymnals & Music Books

Sing songs to the Lord our God, make joyful noise, while also ensuring that you are on key!

Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Some Conditions Apply

Living the Christian Life

Christian Living
Resources to help you face the many challenges of life, all while growing closer to God. Learn what it means to walk with Jesus.
Spiritual Warfare
Learn how to stand when the enemy attacks, bearing witnesses as an active member in the war for eternal souls of men and women.
Grief, Suffering, & Death
Learn how to walk with God when life hurts, and takes what matters the most. You are never alone!
Healing & Health
Learn about the wisdom and freedom that God has given. The world is fallen, but there is still opportunity for hope and healing!
Learn how to steward your money by biblical principles. Use earthly blessing for eternal reward.

Family Resources

Marriage, Sexuality, & Dating
Grow as a godly man, full of courage, wisdom, and godly strength!
Engage with women specific topics and challenges, finding godly female counsel.

Engaging Our World

"Always be prepared to give an answer... do it with gentleness and respect ..." I Peter 3:15
Tracts, New Testaments, and New Believer Resources to help share God's Love
World Religions & Cults
Current Events
Engage what is happening around the world!


...they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death. Revelation 12:11

Missionary Stories

...As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15

Devotionals: New & Used

Seek the Lord Day and Night, at work and at Home. Devotionals for everyone available!

Prayer Books & Studies

...Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. I Chronicles 16:11

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