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Books for Street Ministry Partnership Program

We are blessed to be part of various local outreaches across Calgary. Yearly, we donate roughly 250 boxes of USED books. This is an opportunity to help us go above and beyond that by equipping local ministries and outreaches with NEW resources for ministry. We partner with local churches, ministries, missions, university clubs, and other outreach programs, all to spread the Gospel and bless Calgary.

What is ‘Books for Street Ministry’?

Sponsored by local individuals like yourself through monthly donations, we provide large quantities of new books for local ministries and events. This is to equip and bless local ministries with the best resources possible so that they can focus on loving people and serving God. The money donated goes into a fund for local Christian ministries who can apply for specific resources, or have us find the best resources for the best price.

Your monthly support also gives you great deals in store! We are not able to offer tax deductible receipts, but we do offer 25% DISCOUNT ON ALL USED books in our store for our monthly partners. Offers do not compound or combine; you will receive the best offer that applies.

For more information, contact our store by phone (403-233-2409) or email ([email protected]).
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