Your Used Books Could be Someone Else's


used book donations

Book Donation:

Every week we accept hundreds of used books to redistribute to the Christian community.

Donate unwanted books and you support the only independent Christian Bookstore (Used & New) in Calgary.

Unsold books also go to local & international ministries.

Store credit for selected titles and authors is available so you can take more reading back home with you!



In Store Credit

*25% in store credit for useable books according to what we can sell.

Appraisals for Credit or Cash are done on Mondays and Tuesdays, but books can be left at any time. Please only 4 boxes per week due to space.

We accept certain good quality used Christian books, CD’s and DVD’s. What we choose depends on what we need at any given time.

Money Back

We offer 10%* cash value of the price we believe that we could sell the book for at our location, in the form of a cheque or e-transfer.

*percentage is based on the price our store would sell the book for – usually half or less of the new retail cost. Prices will fluctuate based on demand.

Recipients of Credit or Money Back must agree to BB&B pricing policy & standards, according to their pricing matrix. Items deemed ineligible for credit are classified as ‘donation’ and/or may be given to a local or international ministry/charity. Credit is only applicable for USED items & does not expire unless account is dormant for over 3 years. Those seeking credit must release their information for storage and use in regards to their credit & sales, as well as releasing the ownership of all books left in store. No rights to items are retained upon leaving.

What we don’t accept:

  • Moldy and/or Water Damaged Books
  • Non-Christian Materials
  • Poor Condition (exceptions are found on list of desirable authors)
  • Unknown publishers (books will sometimes have “typewriter” font)
  • Used Study Guides
  • VHS & Cassettes

What we accept:

  • Christian books and bibles in fair to excellent condition
  • Christian audio CD's and DVD's, including Audiobooks
  • Bible Study Resource Kits and unused Study Guides
  • Small Christian gift items and crosses
  • Christian university text books


Please remove all extra materials from your boxes before bringing them to the store at:

636 16th Ave NW, Calgary AB T2M 0J7

Monday: 10am – 2pm
Tuesday: 10am – 2pm
Wednesday: 10am – 2pm
Thursday: 10am – 2pm 
Friday: 10am – 2pm 
Saturday: 10am – 2pm