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March Loyalty Promotion

50% off USED Christian Living aisle (both sides)

With everything changing so rapidly regarding the steadily climbing cases of COVID, we will be compliant with the Alberta Government’s regulations. Starting August 1st, masks will be required for all customers, unless you fall into one of the exemption categories. Please come prepared! We will have a supply of disposable masks on hand for those who need one for a small donation. We want to keep everyone safe as best we can, and right now that means following the governmental rules.

We are now offering BIBLE IMPRINTING. This will be done once a week. The cost is $15 for the first line, $10 for the second. Call or email the store for more information!

Donate or Give for Credit

We help redistribute hundreds of books to the Christian community.

Pass on unwanted books & support other Growing Christians!

used book donations

We are accepting books for donation and credit again! We ask that you bring no more than four boxes as we have been getting many donations. Thank you!


Please remove all extra materials, book marks, personal info, etc. before bringing them:

636 16th Ave NW, Calgary AB T2M 0J7


We have lots of free parking behind the store!

Come in the rear entrance!

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